DSE TREC Holder Listing
Sunday, Feb 23, 2020 Current Time: 10:04:55 AM (BST) Market Status: Closed

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Total TREC Holder List: 250

TREC Holder List by Alphabetical Order:

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A N F Management Company Limited
A N W Securities Ltd.
A. L. Securities Ltd.
A. M. Securities and Financial Services Limited
A. R. Chowdhury Securities Ltd.
A.B. Ispahani Securities Ltd.
A.K. Khan Securities Ltd.
AB & Co. Ltd.
AB Securities Limited
Abdul Ahad (Late)
ACE Capital Management Service Ltd.
AD Holdings & Securities Limited
Adil Securities Ltd.
AHC Securities Limited
Ahmed Iqbal Hasan Securities Ltd.
Ahsanur Rahman
AIBL Capital Market Services Ltd.
Akij Securities Ltd.
Al Faisal Securities
Al-Haja Jahanara Securities Ltd.
Al-Muntaha Trading Co.Ltd.
Alhaj Securities & Stocks Limited
Ali Securities Co. Ltd.
Alliance Securities & Management Limited
Aloco Securities Ltd.
Alpha Equities Ltd.
Anchor Securities Ltd.
Anwar Securities Limited
Apex Investments Limited
ARC Securities Limited
Arena Securities Ltd.
Aries Securities Ltd.
ASENZ Securities Ltd.
Asia Securities Ltd.
Asif Ahmad & Company Limited
Azam Securities Ltd.

B & B Enterprise Limited
Bali Securities Ltd.
Banco Securities Limited.
Bank Asia Securities Limited
BD Finance Securities Ltd.
BD Sunlife Securities Ltd.
BDBL Investment Services Ltd.
BDBL Securities Ltd.
Beximco Securities Limited
BLI Securities Limited.
Bluechip Securities Ltd.
BRB Securities Limited
Bulbul Securities (Bulbul Securities Limited)
Buriganga Equity Management Limited

C- Maart Securities Limited
City Brokerage Ltd.
CMSL Securities Limited
Coast To Coast Securities Ltd.
Commerce Bank Securities and Investment Ltd.
Conmark Limited
Cosmopolitan Equities Limited
Country Stock (Bangladesh) Ltd.
Crest Securities Ltd.

Daulatunnessa Equities Limited
Dawn Securities Ltd.
Dayton Holdings Limited
Delta Capital Limited
Desa Securities Ltd.
Dhaka Bank Securities Limited
Dhaka Securities Limited
Dhanmondi Securities Ltd.
DLIC Securities Limited
DMR Securities Services Ltd.
Doha Securities Limited
Dragon Securities Ltd.
DSFM Securities Ltd.
Dynamic Securities Consultants Limited
Dynamic Stock Management Limited

E - Securities Ltd.
Eastern Capital Ltd.
EBL Securities Ltd.
Elegant Stock & Securities Ltd.
EMES Securities Ltd.
Eminent Securities Limited
Ershad Securities Ltd.
ETBL Securities & Exchange Ltd.
Ettihad Securities Ltd.
Expo Traders Ltd.

Fareast Islami Securities Limited.
Farida Raquib Securities Ltd.
Federal Securities And Investment Limited.
First Capital Securities Ltd.
Fortune Securities (Pvt.) Ltd.

G M F Securities Limited.
Gateway Equity Resources Limited
Global Securities Ltd.
Globe Securities Limited
Green Delta Securities Ltd.
Greenland Equities Limited

H R Securities & Investments Ltd.
Habibur Rahman Securities Ltd.
HAC Securities Ltd.
Haji Ahmad Brothers Securities Ltd.
Haji Mohammad Ali Securities Ltd.
Harpoon Securities Ltd.
Harun Securities Ltd.
Hasan Securities Ltd.
Hazrat Amanat Shah Securities Ltd.
Hedayetullah Securities Ltd.
Howlader Equity Services Limited

Ibrahim Securities Ltd.
ICB Securities Trading Company Limited
IDLC Securities Limited
IFIC Securities Ltd.
IIDFC Securities Limited
Imtiyaz Husain Securities Ltd.
Indicate Securities Consultants Limited.
International Leasing Securities Limited
Investment Promotion Services Limited
Islami Bank Securities Ltd.
Island Securities Limited

Jahan Securities Ltd.
Jamal Ahmed Securities Ltd.
JKC Securities Ltd.
Joytun Securities Intl. Limited

K-Securities and Consultants Ltd.
K.H.B. Securities Ltd.
Kazi Equities Limited
Kazi Firoz Rashid Securities Ltd.
Khurshid Alam Securities Limited
Khwaja Equity Services Limited

LankaBangla Securities Ltd.
Latif Securities Ltd.

M & Z Securities Limited
M-Securities Limited
M. Zubair Securities Ltd.
MAH Securities Ltd.
MAM Securities Ltd.
Md. Fakhrul Islam Securities Ltd.
Md. Idris (Late)
Md. Sahidullah Securities Ltd.
Meghna Bank Securities Limited
Meghna Life Securities and Investment Ltd.
Mercantile Bank Securities Limited
Merchant Securities Limited.
Mian Abdur Rashid Securities Ltd.
Midway Securities Ltd.
Mika Securities Limited
Mirror Financial Management Ltd.
Modern Equity Limited
Modern Securities Ltd.
Mohammad Hosain
Mohammad Talha & Co. Ltd.
Mohammadi Stock Market Ltd.
Mona Financial Consultancy & Securities Limited
Mondol Securities Ltd.
Moshihor Securities Limited
MTB Securities Ltd.
Multi Securities & Services Limited.
Murshed Securities Ltd.

Nabiul Karim Securities Ltd.
NBL Securities Limited
NCCB Securities & Financial Services Ltd.
New Era Securities Limited
Nexus Securities Limited
NLI Securities Limited
Nouvelle Securities Limited
NRBC Bank Securities Limited
Nur-E-Alam Siddique & Company Ltd.

One Securities Limited
Oshadhi Securities Limited

Padma Bank Securities Limited
Parkway Securities Limited
Pasha Capital Ltd.
Peace Securities Limited
Peoples Equities Ltd.
PFI Securities Limited
Phoenix Securities Limited
PHP Stocks & Securities Ltd.
Popular Equities Ltd.
Popular Life Securities Limited
Premier Bank Securities Limited
Premier Leasing Securities Broking Limited
Prilink Securities Limited
Prime Bank Securities Limited.
Prime Islami Securities Ltd.
Prudential Securities Limited
Pubali Bank Securities Limited

Quayum Securities Ltd.

R N I Securities Limited
R. N. Trading Limited
Rapid Securities Ltd.
Rashid Investment Services Ltd.
Rasti Securities Consultant Ltd.
Razzak Securities Ltd.
Reliance Brokerage Services Ltd.
Remons Investment and Securities Ltd.
Rose Securities Limited
Royal Capital Ltd.
Royal Green Securities Limited
Rupali Bank Securities Limited

S & H Equities Ltd.
Saad Securities Ltd.
Sadeque Finance Management Ltd.
SAHCO Securities Ltd.
Sakhawat Hossain (Late)
Salam & Company Limited
Salta Capital Limited
Samin Securities Limited
SAR Securities Ltd.
SBC Securities & Investment Ltd.
SCL Securities Limited.
Shah Mohammad Sagir & Co. Limited
Shahed Securities Limited
Shahjahan Securities Ltd.
Shahjalal Islami Bank Securities Ltd.
Shakil Rizvi Stock Limited
Shanta Securities Limited
Sharp Securities Limited
Sheltech Brokerage Limited
Shohrab Securities & Trade Ltd.
Shyamol Equity Management Ltd.
SIBL Securities Limited
Sinha Securities Ltd.
Square Securities Management Limited
Standard Bank Securities Ltd.
Sterling Stocks and Securities Ltd.
Stock & Bond Limited
Subvalley Securities Ltd.
Surma Securities Holding Co. Limited
Synthia Securities Ltd.

T. A. Khan Securities Co. Ltd.
Tamha Securities Limited
Thea Securities Ltd.
Times Securities Limited
Tobarrak Securities Limited.
Total Communication Ltd.
Transcon Securities Ltd.
Treasure Securities Ltd.
Trust Bank Securities Limited
Trustee Securities Limited

UCB Capital Management Limited
UGC Securities Ltd.
UniCap Securities Limited
Unique Share Management Limited
Uniroyal Securities Ltd.
United Financial Trading Co. Ltd.
United Securities Ltd.
Uttara Bank Securities Limited

Vertex Stock & Securities Limited
Vision Capital Management Ltd.

Wifang Securities Ltd.







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